About Us

About MicroWSWD
We like to take as much of the hassle out of your product sourcing as possible. We serve the distribution needs of our clients, providing full management services, customisation, and optimum security.

Based in Witney, West Oxfordshire

MicroWSWD helps clients to stand out in a competitive world.

Micro began as Micromagnetics over 20 years ago and soon became one of the UK's most trusted magnet specialists. After Paul Faulkner's appointment, the company developed from a magnet supplier to a promotional merchandise supplier and creative agency: Micromarketing was born! The company continued to grow with Paul's leadership and customer demand saw the expansion of the companies product and service portfolio. Today, MicroWSWD serves the Warehousing & Distribution needs of our customer base, as well as being the foundation for our Worldwide Sourcing service.



Quality is important to us and we value our clients. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our operation. Our principles are supported by our ISO9001(2015) accreditation.

Helping our clients to stand out in a competitive world